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RE: Tires - good news

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Subject: RE: Tires - good news
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Date: Tue, 27 Sep 2005 10:05:11 -0400
They're also bringing out a 185/65/15, wouldn't that be a better fit for
the TR3?  Don

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Subject: RE: Tires - good news

> Do you TR3 guys think you can fit the 205/60X15 under stock bodywork?
> think that size will work on my TR4.

Might take some fiddling, but I ran 205/55-15 on my street TR3A under
bodywork on steel TR6 wheels.  I never did quite get the rear axle
square to the
body, so one rear tire would rub lightly under hard cornering, but
offset wheels would have fixed that.  Still had 3/8" or maybe 1/2"
clearance to
the frame in the rear.  A Panhard rod would have solved the problem too.
In the
front, they would rub the sway bar when parking, until I closed up the
stops a bit.  Shouldn't be a problem on the track, or a different sway
bar would
fix it.


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