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RE: Tires - good news

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Subject: RE: Tires - good news
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Date: Tue, 27 Sep 2005 07:00:41 -0400
I was told that the 185/65/15 would be 24.5" tall as compared to the
Vintage TD at 24.7" (I think).  The 205/60/15 would be a trifle shorter,
I suppose.  Apparently the 185/65/15 is intended to be a spec 356
speedster tire for SVRA.  He also assured me that it would have a good
vintage looking tread, would not require shaving and that for wet use,
you might want to cut a few grooves in it.  Don

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This is good news for sure. Hopefully it will materialize and the new
come to market quickly.

Any specifics available yet? Tread pattern, tread width, diameter, etc?

Do you TR3 guys think you can fit the 205/60X15 under stock bodywork? I 
think that size will work on my TR4.

I am looking forward to running a radial on my car, but will have to 
revisit cranking negative camber into my front end...

At 03:33 PM 09/26/2005 -0400, Don Marshall wrote:
>I just spoke to Hoosier and was told that they have two
>(count 'em, two) new tires coming out soon.  Supposedly around the end
>of the year (hopefully THIS year) they will offer 185/65/15 and
>205/60/15 treaded radials for vintage use.

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