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Re: FoT Nomination-UK's Tony Scheach (aka as TR4Tony)

Subject: Re: FoT Nomination-UK's Tony Scheach (aka as TR4Tony)
Date: Fri, 9 Dec 2005 08:10:31 EST
FoT, I need to make a correction and apology. I dont know how that "c" crept 
into Tony's last name.  But it is Sheach .........not   the other spelling.

Sorry Tony.   (aka TR4Tony)

As time goes on, I hope to hear more about the exploits of Tony and the Shell 
4000 Factory TR4.  

I followed the Shell 4000 Rallye intently during those years. I knew a guy 
who actually ran the Shell 4000 in a VW Beetle, during that time. That was a 
deal to me.  FoT Don Elliot from Quebec ran it also and has information 
regarding the rally.

I just purchased a 1:18 scale of one of the rallye cars, which I will display 
proudly. Should be a nice model. 

This is  a great legacy from Kas Kastner.

Joe Alexander

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