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Testing Lifters?

Subject: Testing Lifters?
Date: Mon, 2 Jan 2006 21:50:52 EST

I would like to test a batch of new lifters and I have some questions about 
the process...

I presume the correct thing to do is Rockwell Hardness test them.  I have 
access to the equipment to do the testing but I need to know exactly how to do 
the test. Seems to me the test will leave a dimple that must be polished out 
before the lifter can be used.  I would prefer to test the base of the lifter, 
but the idea of polishing out the dimple on the base makes me very nervous.

So, exactly how do the pros do it?  And what numbers/results should I be 
looking for?

Rich Rock
Pottstown, PA

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