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Re: Testing Lifters?

Subject: Re: Testing Lifters?
From: Larry Young <>
Date: Thu, 05 Jan 2006 11:11:14 -0600
I've talked to Steve at Integral cams also, nice guy.  Triumph lifters 
were originally flat, and many that I've taken apart show the lifters 
were not rotating.  As Greg Solow has dicussed several times, the lobes 
on the Triumph cams are offset from the centerline of the lifter bores 
in pairs.  Most manufacturers use a slight crown on the lifter, i.e. a 
50 to 100 inch radius, and a tapered lobe.  The crown of the lifter 
should be matched to the taper of the lobes and the offset in the lifter 
bores so the contact patch will be off center but not on the edge.  This 
promotes rotation of the lifter and less wear.

When I've had lifters tested for hardness, they used a different 
Rockwell scale to avoid putting a big dimple in the lifter.  They have 
conversion charts to go from one scale to another.


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