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Re: Testing Lifters?

Subject: Re: Testing Lifters?
Date: Wed, 4 Jan 2006 23:07:56 EST
In a message dated 1/2/06 9:51:48 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
Seems to me the test will leave a dimple that must be polished out 
before the lifter can be used.  I would prefer to test the base of the 
but the idea of polishing out the dimple on the base makes me very nervous.

So, exactly how do the pros do it?  And what numbers/results should I be 
looking for?


The only other question I can remember getting no replies from FOT was from 
the guy asking who was running 89mm pistons ;-)

So, I talked to Steve at Integral Cams on Wednesday.  He told me that they do 
Rockwell testing on lifters and consider anything above 53 on the Rockwell C 
scale to be acceptable.  He said they test the base of the lifter, then 
resurface/micropolish the base to eliminate dimple left by the testing.  Cost 
about $10/lifter.

He also told me that when they resurface the base, they make it flat.  I need 
to call him back and verify this, because I always thought the base was 
supposed to be slightly domed?

Rich Rock 
Pottstown, PA

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