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spitfire gearbox technical query

To: <>
Subject: spitfire gearbox technical query
From: "Terry and Cindy" <>
Date: Sat, 4 Feb 2006 12:15:11 +1000
I have a single rail gearbox, recently assembled from a mix of new and
used parts, and now with a noisy 2nd gear (all the rest are OK).

Gear End floats etc are all within spec. All new bearings, thrusts,
syncros etc. The problem is not a fundamental assembly one 

There are no obvious internal problems except a bit of a scuff mark on
the very tips of mainshaft 2nd. gear, so I suspect a gear mesh problem.

The layshaft 2nd gear has 21 teeth and is 2.25" diameter

The mainshaft 2nd gear has 26 teeth and is 2.74" diameter. There is a
small step on the bearing face of the gear, indicating a very late spec

Both gears have a 35 degree tooth angle

Can anyone confirm these are the correct matched pair with teeth count
and diameter???. I am aware that within the Leyland group there were a
multitude of ratio and helix angle changes with this style of box, so I
am wondering if I have a (non-obvious) mis-match of gears. 

Many thanks

Terry O'Beirne

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