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Tractor Motors in Tractors

To: FOT <>
Subject: Tractor Motors in Tractors
From: Larry Young <>
Date: Fri, 03 Feb 2006 17:56:36 -0600
I use a machine shop that does a lot diesel, industrial engines and 
tractors.  Like all of these guys, they've gotten into the competition 
side of things, i.e. tractor pull motors.  Those guys must be nuts, e.g. 
"Would you please stroke this motor an inch, because I really need 15 
liters!".  He was showing me a small 4 cyl flathead Continental engine 
for a Massey-Ferguson tractor and remarked that flatheads just could not 
compete with the OHV engines.  We then talked about the 
Ferguson/Standard-Triumph connection.  I realized I know very little 
about which Ferguson tractors these motors were used in and where they 
were sold.  I got the impression that Ferguson tractors were set up for 
a variety of different motors. He said they didn't get very many 
rebuilds with Standard motors. Perhaps most of the tractors sold in 
North America had Continental or some other engine.  Does anyone know 
the history of our engines in Ferguson tractors?  Wouldn't it be cool to 
see one of our hopped up tractor motors in a tractor pull competition?
Larry Young

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