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RE: Tractor Motors in Tractors

Subject: RE: Tractor Motors in Tractors
From: "John Herrera" <>
Date: Fri, 03 Feb 2006 20:26:41 -0500
Does anyone know the history of
>our engines in Ferguson tractors?  Larry Young

I am far from an expert in this, but I think that the Ferguson 20s that were 
sold on this side of the Big Pond had OHV Continentals. The story goes that 
Sir John Black copied the Continental to make the Standard engines equipping 
the Ferguson 20s sold Over There.

The Continental and the Standard  look somewhat similar, the pushrod tubes 
in the head being noticably the same. The starter is on the other side and 
there are other differences.

I once worked on my ex-future-father-in-law's Fergie and the engine looked 
familiar. It was a Continental.

I took a TR3 block to a machine shop and they asked, "What kind of tractor 
is this from?". The TR3 owner started to say, "It's from a British sports 
car... ", and I kicked him in ther shin to shut him up.

John H.

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