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Re: timing chain tensioners (double row TR6 style)

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Subject: Re: timing chain tensioners (double row TR6 style)
From: "Greg Solow" <>
Date: Fri, 3 Feb 2006 11:59:42 -0800
For the tensioners to last, the edges of the timing chain links must be 
smooth, so the chain does not act like a chain saw on the tensioner blade. 
The same problem occures on the TR-4 engines. The original tensioners were 
all "hardchrome" plated to resist wear.In the past, in addition to having 
tensioners hardchromed when they are not available that way, we have also 
polished the outside edges of the t/chain links smooth using a die grinder 
and cartridge rolls. The problem is then getting all of the griinding debris 
out of the chain links and pins. The chain needs to be very thoughly cleaned 
after the grinding operation. For the TR-4 engines, we now have chains in 
stock that have machined edges to the links that are smooth enough to use as 
is. I still think that the tensioner blade should be hard chromed.
            Greg Solow

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