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Re: TR6 gearbox synchros

Subject: Re: TR6 gearbox synchros
From: "SHANE Ingate" <>
Date: Mon, 06 Feb 2006 13:07:44 -0500
Mark Bradakis wrote:

>I've got a late TR6 gearbox to freshen up, and could use some new
>synchros.  Who's got decent ones on hand, some big usual suppliers
>are out of stock.

Its not the out-of-stock excuse you should be worried about Mark.

Insist on NOS synchros only.  The situation mimics the lack of sound
a/market main/rod bearings and lifters of the recent past.  The current 
of synchros are garbage, and you will end up replacng them as often as
you would stock replacements for the throw-out bearing from any of the
Big 3.  NOS is the only way to go.  They turn up on eBay from time-to-time,
and go out the door for $100+.  After watching a set of tri-metal Vanderwall
mains go for $130 on eBay, be prepared for sticker shock!

Shane Ingate

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