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Re: [FOT] Undercoating

Subject: Re: [FOT] Undercoating
Date: Fri, 17 Feb 2006 07:56:53 EST
Arrrgh! The one serious flaw to an otherwise beautiful car.

One of life's mysteries...why some cretin would apply undercoating to an 
engine compartment is a question that was never answered with this car.  

There is no answer for why a meticulous restorer would use a hard face hammer 
on brass and chrome Knock-Offs, either.

There must be a shop of some kind that has an answer for the undercoating. 
Heat gun and chemicals of some kind would be my guess.

Joe (A)

> Any suggestions on how to remove old undercoating without harming the 
> underlying finish. A great TR4A I purchased last Sept was undercoated on day 
> and I'd like to remove some serious undercoat overspray from the engine 
> compartment.
> Thanks, John James

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