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Re: [FOT] Pyrometer

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Subject: Re: [FOT] Pyrometer
From: "Jeff Snook" <>
Date: Fri, 17 Feb 2006 13:59:06 -0500
Hi Jack,

We have an older style with the stylus you stick in the tread, not the
infra-ray remote reading one, so I can not comment on those.

The one we have works fine, we get a digital readout with each poking and then
just record it on your worksheet.  It does not have a memory, (which would be
helpful).  It's small and uses a 9v battery.  Comes in a little plastic case
to protect it in storage.  If I recall they are not very expensive, maybe $50
or so.

My only problem taking temps at the end of a session is that many times you
slow up on the cool down lap before entering the pits and the readings are not
very accurate.

Speaking of the "tire wars", is anyone going to try the street tires
like Don Marshall tried the end of the year?

Jeff Snook

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