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Date: Mon, 20 Feb 2006 16:49:23 -0800
If you don't get your temps immediately after the car pulls into the PITLANE,
it is a useless effort. That is why Bill's suggestion of getting to a skid pad
or big parking lot to do some testing is worthwhile.

In my years racing with Goodyear & Bridgestone and Firestone before that,  it
was not unusual at all for the top runners to have TWO people from Goodyear or
whoever running over to get the temps as the car came to a stop. One engineer
was probing for the number and the other was writing as fast as he could. They
had little carbon books of sheets about 3" by 4" so that they kept a copy of
everything you did. Other times we'd tell them when we were coming in so they
could on the spot.  The driver and the engineers got the temp slips and made
their adjustments based on that information. With the tires operating at
200-220 degrees  a few minutes could see the change as much as 30 degrees.
Slow entry to the pitlane was a disaster as far as the temps were concerned so
lots of times we didn't even bother when the session was ended and on a cool
off lap. No point. The middle of the pack guys were last to get attention and
their information just wasn't as good. Usually there would be 3-4 guys or more
running up and down the pitlane taking temps of every car they could reach
that had just come off the track.

Never Be beaten by Equipment
Kas Kastner

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