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Re: [FOT] Pyrometer

Subject: Re: [FOT] Pyrometer
From: Ted Schumacher <>
Date: Tue, 21 Feb 2006 13:47:02 -0500
Jack and list, if losing a session to taking tire temps will benefit the 
handling, isn't it beter to do that?  Why spend a session on a car that 
doesn't handle well, or could be made to handle better, just to drive 
the full session?  Most tracks will offer a video of the track so you 
can learn where it goes before you arrive.  Many tracks will rent skid 
pad time.  Even if it's not the track you intend to drive, a skid pad 
still genrates useful info.  To really benefit with a skid pad test is 
you need to go with a set program in mind.  And, all  pieces to do the 
program.  Different sway bars, tires, wheels, springs, shocks and 
alignment checking gear.  A skid pad allows you to hunt for repeatable 
responses to changes, either good or bad.  Then, you have something that 
can be duplicated.  When we did a swaybar program for the TR8 Escort 
car, we used a skid pad.  We would set the base line, repeat several 
runs, say 5 to the left,  bring in the car, settle it back on the 
suspension then 5 to the right.  We did this several times.  Then 
immediately changed whatever we were going to change and went back out. 
 This insured the surface had not changed from  previous test.  Ted

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