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[FOT] History Question

To: friendsoftriumph <>
Subject: [FOT] History Question
From: jimdonick <>
Date: Thu, 23 Feb 2006 15:31:27 -0500 (EST)
Leave it to the Allard guy to come up with this one.   It seems that on 2 May, 
1954  in the Iowa City Sports Car Races (taking place in the rain at the Iowa 
City Airport) the Novice Over 1500cc race was won by a George Bare in a Triumph 
Roadster (can't say if it was an 1800 or a 2000) that was powered by a Cadillac 
engine. There's a picture of him in the cockpit in an Issue of Sports Car for 
that year so I'm sure it's one of the Roadsters.

I can't imagine how he shoehorned the caddie in or what they did relative to 
the brakes which were originally hydro-mechanical but. . . does anybody know 
anything about it or what happened to the car?
It's kind of a neat/perverse idea, isn't it?

kind regards to all

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