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Subject: Fw: Re: [FOT] History Question
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Date: Thu, 23 Feb 2006 18:19:22 -0500 (EST)
     I'm as astounded as you!  The car was called a "Cad-Triumph" and was most 
definitely a pre TR Triumph Roadster.  The driver that day was George Bare of 
Cedar Rapids and the car carried number 66.   As I alluded to earlier, being an 
Allard guy I'm intrigued especially when I think about the original brakes they 
had to either live with or replace.   Remember that the gear shift on that 
thing originally was on the column as well but if they put a Cad in then there 
must have been some other serious (!) surgery done somewhere under there.

kind regards,
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>I missed that part.  The car I'm talking about had its original TRIUMPH 
>(Vanguard?) engine.  
>I can't believe there would be TWO (-2-) pre-TR TRIUMPH Roadsters in Iowa.  
>What are the chances.  
>Those gull-darned corn and pig farmers are a lot 'sportier' than I ever gave 
>them credit for.
>Bill Dentinger

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