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Subject: Re: [FOT] History Question
Date: Thu, 23 Feb 2006 16:29:21 EST
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> Leave it to the Allard guy to come up with this one.   It seems that on 2 
> May, 1954  in the Iowa City Sports Car Races (taking place in the rain at the 
> Iowa City Airport) the Novice Over 1500cc race was won by a George Bare in a 
> Triumph Roadster (can't say if it was an 1800 or a 2000) that was powered by 
> a Cadillac engine. There's a picture of him in the cockpit in an Issue of 
> Sports Car for that year so I'm sure it's one of the Roadsters.
> I can't imagine how he shoehorned the caddie in or what they did relative to 
> the brakes which were originally hydro-mechanical but. . . does anybody know 
> anything about it or what happened to the car?
> It's kind of a neat/perverse idea, isn't it?


Those old TRIUMPH ROADSTERS are rare enough for me to suggest that I think I 
bought that car in the early 1980s from a guy in Hudson, Iowa.  It's UK 
registration was KTF-469.  If that was it, it was a neat car and I had lots of 
with it, but strictly as a 'street car'.  I can't imagine anyone racing it 
under ANY circumstances (although I have seen some old Iowa black and white 8mm 
movies of an old TRIUMPH ROADSTER 'racing' on a makeshift course).  I don't 
believe it ever broke the 'Four Minute Mile' while I owned it.  While I owned 
it was kind of a 'dirty lipstick red'.  The need for Vintage Racing Dollars 
caused me to sell it in the late 1980s.  The guy who bought it then had it 
professionally restored.  He spared no cost.  The next time I saw it was at a 
CHICAGO HISTORICS Saturday night Street Car Concourse up at ROAD AMERICA.  It 
First Place (either Best in Show, or Best British Car, I can't remember for 
sure.)  It was painted a very proper Cream color, and was Drop Dead Gorgeous.  
That same week end, on Friday night, at the Race Car Concourse, my TR3 took 
Best British Race Car.  Kind of exciting for a pair of TRIUMPHs to get that 
of attention at such a prestigious event.

The car was registered as a 1949 (which I think makes it a 2000), but I 
suspect it may have been built earlier, and was in fact an 1800.  I have not 
that old ROADSTER since, but the guy I sold it to was from Illinois.  Maybe Irv 
Korey has seen the car at an ISOA event.  It was KTF-469.  

Bill Dentinger

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