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[FOT] front spindles and spacers

Subject: [FOT] front spindles and spacers
From: "Jack W. Drews" <>
Date: Wed, 08 Mar 2006 11:59:27 -0600
This message is part project report and part market survey for a kit 
that most of you are familiar with.

A couple of years ago I determined why our TR brakes were 
unpredictable when racing - sometimes high pedal, sometimes low. The 
cause is the flexing of the front spindles, causing the brake pads to 
be pushed back. The solution to this problem was to make replacement 
front stub axles from better materials using better processes, 
install a spacer and shims between the inner and outer bearings, and 
upgrade the nut and washer hardware.

A Triumph owner in Arizona owned a machine shop and was anxious to 
get into supplying specialty parts to TR owners. He did in-depth 
further development of the concept and made two runs of this high 
quality kit and they were sold through Ken Gillanders at BFE. The 
cost of the kit for both sides of one car was between $250 and $300. 
Unfotunately for us racers, the business that was making these has 
undergone a change in ownership and a change in mission, and although 
they would like to continue supplying these, they cannot because of 
capacity problems. Basically, there are simply no kits available,and 
no prospect for getting any more, although Ken has a waiting list of 
people who want them.

This kit works so well that I have a passionate desire that it should 
remain on the market for racers and autocrossers, esopecially since 
it is a safety upgrade. I am negotiating with the machine shop to 
gain possession of the documents and the inventory of steel. I intend 
to find another vendor and make these available again. I don't think 
it will be possible to pull this off prior to the start of the racing 
season, but I'm hoping for early in the season, anyway.

To make these available again will require an initial investment of 
several thousand dollars on my part which I will recoup through a 
modest profit on the kits. The reason for this message is to update 
you on the situation, and to ask if you would help me determine the 
level of interest, so that I can establish an initial run size.

If you are interested in this project, or if you know of someone who 
is not on the list who might be interested, and if you think there is 
a better-than-50-50 chance that you would buy a kit if available, 
would you please send me an email reply so I can count noses? (not a 
firm commitment, but a reasonable expectation)

Thanks in advance

uncle jack 

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