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Re: [FOT] Any Amici Participating in SCCA Improved Touring ?

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Subject: Re: [FOT] Any Amici Participating in SCCA Improved Touring ?
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Date: Sat, 29 Apr 2006 19:19:19 -0700
Speaking of TR8's....Maybe some of you know about this story....Back in the 
early days of SCCA Showroom stock Racing...The races were Claiming races...A 
competitor could buy any race car in the Class..after the race..for 500.00 
over what the owner had paid for the car(the 500.00 was intended to cover 
the costs of roll bar and other safety stuff...The rule was.intended to keep 
the cars stock)..In about 1980-81..Dave Vanek..a very successful Datsun 
Driver began racing a SStock TR8.....In a race at Riverside..that Dave 
won....his car was claimed by a competitor..Dave didn't like this....a 
battle ensued..leading to Dave calling the authorities.Accusing SCCA of.... 
'Auto Theft'..My old memory tells me that that incident was the Spearhead of 
the demise of 'Claiming Races'....
What a great sport we have!  always some Fun Stuff..Year after year!
Racer Bud
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Subject: Re: [FOT] Any Amici Participating in SCCA Improved Touring ?

> Check out .. There is a fellow , Jeff Young , that 
> posts on there that races a TR8. He does quite well with it too. Check out 
> the specific car models for a TR8 dyno discussion. It would probally be a 
> good idea to nominate him to the list if he is not already.
> -Bob
> wrote:     Its been many years since my last year of IT 
> racing, but it seemed back
> then that it was getting a little on the rough side with intentional 
> bumping
> and avoidable contact - looking for feedback on this class since one of 
> few
> opportunities to race TR7s or TR8s.
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