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RE: [FOT] Any Amici Participating in SCCA Improved Touring ?

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Subject: RE: [FOT] Any Amici Participating in SCCA Improved Touring ?
From: Bill Babcock <>
Date: Sat, 29 Apr 2006 20:49:51 -0700
It's one of the most bump and pass classes in SCCA. Most classes that wind
up with well matched cars wind up a bit rough. Only question is what speed
would you like it to happen at, and are your wheels exposed. Formula
Atlantic would be more like SRF if the cars weren't so expensive. At least
in IT you've got fenders. SRF is unforgiving. 

Personally, I take umbrage when someone intentionally hits my car. A little
door handle rubbing or a few donuts up the side of the car is one thing, but
some of these folks do stunts that are just unbelievable. A Porsche used my
Radical as a corner cushion in the Six Hours of the Cascades--unquestionably
on purpose. I should have taken a jack handle to the bugger. I still get
angry thinking about it.   

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Subject: [FOT] Any Amici Participating in SCCA Improved Touring ?

    Its been many years since my last year of IT racing, but it seemed back
then that it was getting a little on the rough side with intentional bumping
and avoidable contact - looking for feedback on this class since one of few
opportunities to race TR7s or TR8s. 

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