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[FOT] TR4 #197 Transmission and Engine Update.

Subject: [FOT] TR4 #197 Transmission and Engine Update.
Date: Thu, 25 May 2006 10:41:54 EDT

Responses were overwhelming on the transmission...I have enough information 
for a Transmission Troubleshooting Guide.  Thanks!!!

TR4 #197 engine and transmission came out yesterday, with support from son 
Sean.                 I also had a root canal.

Recovering from both today.  I will use it catching up on replies overdue.

Engine was dismantled and will gone through completely...lots of debris, but 
crank looks grindable.

Exploring options on tranny rebuild....based on the astute feedback from the 
list.   I love the close ratio after having one for the last three years.  No 
sense doing a uninformed band-aid.

In spite of this driveline failure during the race weekend, I consider the 
weekend pretty successful, for a lot of reasons.

Thanks for the support on the tranny....

Joe (A)

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