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[FOT] FoT Reinstatement-Mark Alexander...Sean next.

Subject: [FOT] FoT Reinstatement-Mark Alexander...Sean next.
Date: Thu, 25 May 2006 10:59:58 EDT

I have decided that Mark is old enough to be able to handle the influences of 
this list.  Sean will be next, when we get his preferred e-mail address. 
(Sean is now approaching middle age)

Joe (A)
> Readministering the teat is not recommended. It causes teething confusion
> and can lead to fixatiions later. Perhaps that's what happened to me. 
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> All,
> I think we should readminister the teat to make sure that he passes
> again.
> Anybody remember what that test was?   Oh yeah:
> Is he breathing?
> Does he know how to spell Triumph?
> Does he have email?
> Is he old enough to buy beer?
> You make the call....

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