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[FOT] Contemplating the Torque Reaction Arm

Subject: [FOT] Contemplating the Torque Reaction Arm
Date: Wed, 8 Nov 2006 09:02:52 EST

Let me try this on you.  

It occurs to me that the greater amount of stress on the front motor mounts 
may happen on deceleration.

The idea of stress being reduced by the OEM Torque Reaction Arm makes more 
sense to me under deceleration. 

The way that the TRA is configured and located on the passenger side of the 
frame, I dont see how it can work any other way.

That being said, it might make sense to have a mirror image TRA on both sides.

I made them intially for the street guys in the interest of originality, but 
I would never leave home without mine...again.  

Anyway, I could never really explain how they worked under 
accleration....maybe that is not what they are for. Those with greater 
engineering minds might 
contemplate this further and let me know.


Joe (A)

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