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Subject: Re: [FOT] RE: Tires
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Date: Wed, 8 Nov 2006 09:37:39 -0500
Henry, you got a faster lap (barely!) because you had the "bit in your teeth"
and were working really hard to catch and pass me.  Plus your TR4 should be
faster than a TR3 anyway!!

Andrew, you are right about the Hoosier Vintage TDs in one respect, they are
pretty expensive.  I figure I can only get two race weekends on a set.  But I
disagree that they provide only "average" performance.  I find the grip
provided is pretty exceptional and so far they seem to be faster than the
Speedsters on our TRs.

If everyone was required to run Dunlops, I would prefer them as I think they
would last longer than 2 weekends and they appear more "vintage".  They are
the spec tire for my FFord and Lotus XI and it levels the field, taking the
choice of tires out of the performance equation.

Vroom, vroom,

Jeff Snook
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  Hi Andrew,

  Vintage racers in the USA do not typically run Yokes, at least not in
  the east. The tire of choice tends to be Hoosier or Dunlop, with the
  Hoosiers being faster.

  I was the guy who had the issue with the Speedster cracking, and I never
  got any feedback from Hoosier about the tire I returned to them. I need
  to call them again.

  I have only tried two tires on my TR4 racer, the 5.5 X 15 Hoosier
  Vintage TD and the 205/60R15 Hoosier Speedster. In my opinion the two
  tires drive completely different. I like the Speedster, some others do
  as well, but it seems the majority of folks do not. I find the Speedster
  very easy to over drive, and the people who don't like it tend to toss
  their cars around a bit. The tire rewards smooth driving, but once it
  gets greasy, good luck. It slides great, very predictable, but get too
  rambunctious with them and they go away and really don't recover.

  My last event I followed Jeff Snook in his TR3 on 5.5 X 15 Vintage TD's
  with me on the Speedsters. I got the distinct impression Jeff's car had
  more grip, when off line in traffic he was really able to get more power
  down than I could. I developed the conclusion the TD was the faster
  tire, until I saw I turned the fastest lap, so go figure.

  The 185/65R15 is made from the same mold as the 205/60, they add a one
  inch spacer to make the 205 wider. I know the TR3 folks will not be able
  to fit the 205's without some minor body modifications. Also, I would
  not put the 205 on that 5 inch wide wheel. I run my 205's on 6 inch

  Good luck!

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  > Dear Fellow Fotters
  > Has any one had any experience with Hoosier Speedsters, 185x65x15?
  > I recall some chat some time ago about a problem with
  > Speedsters to do with cracking where the tread met the
  > sidewall, but cannot recall any feedback about how the tyres
  > performed and how they compared with Yokohamas that I gather
  > most people race on in USA.

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