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I agree with Henry's comments.  I have run the 185 Speedsters on my 1962 TR4 
(w/o limited slip diff or negative camber on front) in three events this 
year.  Grip seems to go away slightly as a race gets into the final laps. 
Typically we run about eight laps and for the first five laps, I can pretty 
much take any line through a turn I choose.  After this, I begin to 
understeer into fast corners and oversteer coming out of slower corners with 
the power on.  Very predictable and fun if you like this sort of driving. 
However, I would prefer they stay consistent throughout a race

I have tried different tire pressures and for me, it seems that around 33 
lbs cold works the best.  Tire wear is good as it looks like I could get 
another two to three races out of the current set.  I rotate the tires front 
to back after each race.  I've never tried other tires with the exception 
that I did run once with an old set of Yokohamas A008 which is not really a 
good basis for comparison.  When the current set of Speedsters wears out, 
I'm thinking of trying the next size up, the 205s.  Good luck.

62 TR4

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> Dear Fellow Fotters
> Has any one had any experience with Hoosier Speedsters, 185x65x15?
> I recall some chat some time ago about a problem with Speedsters to do 
> with
> cracking where the tread met the sidewall, but cannot recall any feedback
> about how the tyres performed and how they compared with Yokohamas that I
> gather most people race on in USA.
> Our problem is that the only tyres that we are currently able to use are 
> 185
> 70x15 Avons or Dunlop, or Hoosier 550x 15 Vintage TD.-all very average
> performers and expensive.
> We are restricted to 15x5" wheels, and our problems began when the 
> Yokohama
> 195x60x15 finished
> Andrew Gibson
> TR3A racer, TR4 road car
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