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Date: Fri, 10 Nov 2006 22:45:58 +1100
Thanks for comments
Speedsters don't sound like anything out of the box!
Back to the drawing board
Andrew Gibson

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Gary, your tire pressure is very interesting.  I found that on a set of
recap racing radials that they worked the best at 32 lbs cold on my TR6.
Everyone else I talk to say that 24 lbs is what they run at.  I was
explained that at 24 lbs pressure you have to much sidewall flex and that
you need to get them up to almost maximum running pressure to be effective.
This is what I found on the recaps which were Bridgestone Potenzia which
were slicks with 3 groves cut in them.
Charly Mitchel
TR6 #44
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> Andrew:
> I agree with Henry's comments.  I have run the 185 Speedsters on my 1962
> (w/o limited slip diff or negative camber on front) in three events this
> year.  Grip seems to go away slightly as a race gets into the final laps.
> Typically we run about eight laps and for the first five laps, I can
> much take any line through a turn I choose.  After this, I begin to
> understeer into fast corners and oversteer coming out of slower corners
> the power on.  Very predictable and fun if you like this sort of driving.
> However, I would prefer they stay consistent throughout a race
> I have tried different tire pressures and for me, it seems that around 33
> lbs cold works the best.  Tire wear is good as it looks like I could get
> another two to three races out of the current set.  I rotate the tires
> to back after each race.  I've never tried other tires with the exception
> that I did run once with an old set of Yokohamas A008 which is not really
> good basis for comparison.  When the current set of Speedsters wears out,
> I'm thinking of trying the next size up, the 205s.  Good luck.
> Gary
> 62 TR4
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> > Dear Fellow Fotters
> >
> > Has any one had any experience with Hoosier Speedsters, 185x65x15?
> >
> > I recall some chat some time ago about a problem with Speedsters to do
> > with
> > cracking where the tread met the sidewall, but cannot recall any
> > about how the tyres performed and how they compared with Yokohamas that
> > gather most people race on in USA.
> >
> > Our problem is that the only tyres that we are currently able to use are
> > 185
> > 70x15 Avons or Dunlop, or Hoosier 550x 15 Vintage TD.-all very average
> > performers and expensive.
> >
> > We are restricted to 15x5" wheels, and our problems began when the
> > Yokohama
> > 195x60x15 finished
> >
> > Andrew Gibson
> >
> > TR3A racer, TR4 road car
> >
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