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Re: [FOT] blow-ups

To: "Jack W. Drews" <>
Subject: Re: [FOT] blow-ups
From: "Chuck Arnold" <>
Date: Wed, 29 Nov 2006 18:21:54 -0800
Is this also true on the six cylinder engines -- mine is out now and I'll
fix it if needed!

On 11/29/06, Jack W. Drews <> wrote:
> I spent an interesting hour tracing out the path in the filter head,
> figured out the answer to the question, and got several replies that
> were either right on or close to it. Plus a couple of guys who
> figured it out previously and have found fixes.
> What I found was that the adjustable valve, when opened by the oil
> pressure, dumps oil back into the sump, as we know. It also has a
> spring that is quite stiff.
> The non-adjustable valve is fed by the same oil that the adjustable
> one is fed, but when opened it sends oil to the gallery. It has
> spring that is quite weak.
> My conclusion is that the non-adjustable valve opens first, sending
> oil to the gallery. In fact, judging from how really weak its spring
> is, it is probably always open. This means that our oil filtering
> system is not a full flow system that makes all the oil flow through
> the filter, but rather it is a bypass system, which always allows oil
> to bypass the filter and go to the gallery.
> Kudos to Greg Solow, Ken Gillanders, and Walt Emery who had this
> whole schmeer figured out and have found ways to decrease or
> eliminate the bypass feature. I'm going to do that too.
> Have any of the three of you seen any downside to simply replacing
> that bypass valve with a plug?
> uncle jack
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Chuck Arnold

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