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Subject: Re: [FOT] BLOW-UPS
From: "Jack W. Drews" <>
Date: Wed, 29 Nov 2006 20:28:13 -0600
>Walt said --
>I am having an amazing amount of good luck with the last engine that I built,
>after all of my recent blowups.  The changes that I made were:
>     Drill and tap the center oil galley port to accept 3/8" pipe thread.
>Connect the accusump at this location.

me too

>     Went back to the stock oil filter.

interesting. Hven't tried that but I might.

>     Installed Greg Solow's sandwich plate with the oil cooler lines coming
>off of the back of it.

A really neat idea that I'm going to do also. The commonly used 
adapter sends very high pressure oil to the cooler. Not needed. 
Greg's part does it right.

>     Installed the oil cooler on its side directly in front of the 
> radiator to
>get the full blast of air.

me too. Works great.

>     Installed Greg's oil pump pickup, which draws oil from the bottom, near
>the bottom of the pan.

me too

>     Put baffles in the front of the oil pan.

me too

>     Started using an 160F thermostat.  I may go back to the 
> restrictor washer.

I have a big aluminum Chevy radiator that cools so well I have a hard 
time getting the temp high enough.

I do a couple of other things.

I drill out the passage to the center main. If you have already 
drilled out the center hole to accept a pipe fitting for the 
Accusump, then you can drill that hole out by 1/16" or maybe more.  I 
do this because most rod failures occur on cyls 2 and 3, the only 
location in the engine where two throws are fed by the same main so 
theoretically those two rods have half the availability of oil that 
the other two get. In real life this may not be any real help but it 
makes me feel better.

I also strap the center main. The main always looks perfect when I 
take the engine apart. It just takes milling a flat on the curved 
portion of the main and using a commercially available 3/4" x 3/4" 
heat treated bar and longer bolts. Unexpected side benefit from this 
is that since doing it, the rear main now never looks like the 
most-worn main. That could be coincidence, but I prefer to believe 
that it is the result of decreased crank flex.

I use a crank wiper, and seat of the pants and comparative lap times 
indicates it gives a couple more more hp (available from uncle jack's 
racing, shameless promotion)

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uncle jack 

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