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Re: [Fot] How much tyre/wheel clearance on the rear tube shock

To: jim hearn <>, 'JOSEPH HUGHES'
Subject: Re: [Fot] How much tyre/wheel clearance on the rear tube shock
From: Jim Prettyleaf <>
Date: Sun, 24 Feb 2008 22:43:45 -0800 (PST)
  I have Koni shocks on the rear suspension of my TR-6 autocross car.  These 
shocks are mounted on the old three piece brackets that were available from 
Moss Motors in 1994.  The bracket sticks out from the inner surface of the 
wheel well by 2.15", which is a little bit further than the upper half of the 
Koni shock tube.
  A small amount of tire rub did occur when using the stock aluminum trailing 
arms and the stock rubber trailing arm bushings.  The rubbing stopped when I 
made my own three link independent rear suspension that uses spherical rod ends 
and does not move laterally.  The rear track width, the back-set of the rims, 
and the width of the tires did not not change when the stock trailing arms were 
taken off and the new three link IRS was installed.  Minimum clearance between 
the sidewall of the tire and the tubular shock mounting bracket is currently 
1.6", so that means that with the stock setup the sidewall flex plus the 
lateral suspension motion allowed by the stock rubber bushings consumed the 
entire clearance.  The car was a handful with the stock rear suspension and the 
back end kept trying to pass the front; with the new IRS it can be thrown 
around and gathers up gracefully.  In retrospect I blame most of the bad 
characteristics on the soft stock rubber trailing arm bushings.
  If you are planning to vintage race or autocross your car I first recommend 
welding gussets to the mounting brackets for the trailing arms to reduce the 
probability of breakage and then recommend replacing the stock rubber bushings 
with solid Nylatron bushings.       
  Jim Prettyleaf

jim hearn <> wrote:
  Mike, another way of communicating what I have for space is that right
now with the same wheel and spacers but a 205 tire, I have 3 inches of
clearance between the inside of the tire and the inside of the wheel
well. How much of this space is used up by the gusset mounted Koni? In
other words, how far does the gusset mounted Koni stick into the wheel
well as measured from the back of the wheel well at tire height?
Thanks, Jim

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Subject: [Fot] How much tyre/wheel clearance on the rear tube shock

Not a lot. Depends on the offset of the wheel and the width and profile
of the 225 tyre you are intending using. I have had problems on my
racing TR5 which has this set up using 205 x 60 tyres let alone 225's
and finished up using a spacer to space out the wheel sufficently to
clear the shocker and bracket.
What size wheels are you intending using as the ideal wheel size for a
205 x 60 tyre is 7 inch. Do you need to go wider than that?

Mike Hughes

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