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Re: [Fot] cooling down a tr3

Subject: Re: [Fot] cooling down a tr3
Date: Mon, 09 Jun 2008 14:58:10 -0400
yeah I reckon Mikes car doesn't make enough horsepower to run hot.
It's 87mm & he doesn't run it much over 6000 rpm.

I told him once that he had around 200 horsepower & the thing should do 
AT LEAST 160, so he had to learn how to drive it fast...


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Subject: Re: [Fot] cooling down a tr3

My reply got bounced for being too long.

I don't understand why racers would focus on having a radiator that's
the same size as the one designed for a 80 horsepower street car that
rarely saw full throttle. The GCRs don't require it. Engines generate
heat as a direct result of the horsepower they develop--they are about
35 percent efficient, so if you double the HP you triple the heat
load. Why have a marginal radiator? You get more power, better
component life, and fewer worries if you have a radiator that will
give you an adequate cooling margin. It's a trivial thing to fit and
you never have to pay attention to it again (unless there's something
wrong with your car).  You're not reducing wind resistance with a
smaller radiator. I can't think of a single advantage except you
already have it. Radiators are a couple of hundred dollars. A racing
motor costs many thousands.

Just as a wild guess, but I'd expect that neither Kas nor Bob Tullius
or anyone else that seriously raced these cars in the day ever
contemplated using a stock-sized radiator unless the regulations
required them to.

On Jun 8, 2008, at 5:02 PM, Mike Jackson wrote:

> I partially disagree.  I have a modern core between original
> headers.  Glen opened a hole below the shelf to allow air to the
> portion of radiator below and did really good shrouding.  The oil
> cooler is mounted alongside the radiator, not in front of it.  With
> a gutted thermostat and a clean block/head interior our TR3 never
> overheats, even in the Florida heat in the summer.  Maybe some of
> ya'll are producing a bunch more power than we are but the last time
> I asked Glen how much HP our motor was producing he wrote a number
> on the side of the valve cover that was pretty impressive.
> Mike
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>> You need a mo biggah radiator.  There COULD be some other problem,
>> like too much advance or some friction someplace, but basically the
>> stock radiator is for an engine making about 80 HP and rarely using
>> that. A five row core isn't enough. You need as much radiator as you
>> can squeeze in and then you can use either an orifice or a thermostat
>> to control the temp. I've talked about this before, but my cheater
>> TR3
>> made a lot of ponies even with just a nitrided crank. I had a
>> radiator
>> made that mounted using the original mounts (that's what the GCR
>> requires) but filled pretty much the whole nose. You can get an
>> integral oil cooler or not depending on how you feel about that. It's
>> actually a really good thing though, when the car is standing still
>> the water gets hot first and heats the oil, then the oil is cooled by
>> the air over the radiator when the car is moving.
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