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Re: [Fot] Jack Drews Died This Afternoon at Grattan

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Subject: Re: [Fot] Jack Drews Died This Afternoon at Grattan
From: "Henry Frye" <>
Date: Sat, 16 Aug 2008 21:27:33 -0400
I am proud to say Jack was a great friend. 

I spent the day with the Drews family in the paddock at Grattan, and can say 
Jack was having a ball. He was driving well and his car was running great. 

And of course his car was looking great. As we were working on Tony's car I 
heard Jack talking to a guy that was taking pictures of his car. The guy said 
he was into building models and wanted to do up a model of Jack's car. I am 
sure that happened to Jack all the time.

Jack and I were at Mosport this past June along with several other FOT. He 
wasn't driving that weekend, he was supporting Tony. When we were sitting 
around shooting the breeze, I told him I had been meaning to tell him this for 
a while. I thanked him for all the hard work he has done for the benefit of the 
Triumph racing community. Developing the Southwick Axle, taking on the spindle 
kits, the aluminum hubs, etc. 

His response surprised me. He said nobody ever thanked him for that. Now I am 
really glad I did.

We all suffered a great loss today. My heart goes out to the Drews family. 

Henry Frye
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