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Re: [Fot] Jack Drews Died This Afternoon at Grattan

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Subject: Re: [Fot] Jack Drews Died This Afternoon at Grattan
From: "John Macartney" <>
Date: Sun, 17 Aug 2008 22:26:21 +0100
How terribly and tragically sad.

Speaking from the far side of *the pond* I have to admit all ignorance of 
having met or known Jack 
Drews. That said, it was clear to me a very long time ago when I was first 
allowed to be a FOTer, 
that Jack was a very special person to so many. To become special to anyone 
requires many aspects of 
good character and its obvious from the tributes I've read this far, that Jack 
had those qualities 
in abundance.

My greatest sadness is that he and I have been like two vessels passing 
unacknowledged in the night. 
Jack so clearly a large ship of great renown - and me, just a tiny little raft 
bobbing on the water. 
I had so looked forward to meeting him somewhere 'along the road' I'll travel 
next year in the 
Triumph Charity Drive, but this will never be.

My deepest condolences to Jack's family, his many close friends - both on the 
track and off, 
together with all those whose lives he touched. I know he will be deeply missed 
by all but surely we 
should also rejoice in knowing that his passing came about simply doing 
something he loved - and 
that in doing it, he could revel in true happiness.



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