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Re: [Fot] Jack Drews Died This Afternoon at Grattan

Subject: Re: [Fot] Jack Drews Died This Afternoon at Grattan
Date: Sun, 17 Aug 2008 11:17:42 EDT
This is my last correspondence with Jack:

<<Subj: Re: [Fot] TR manifolds
Date:   8/14/08 6:53:12 AM Pacific Daylight Time
From:   WEmery7451

In a message dated 8/13/08 10:21:13 AM Pacific Daylight Time, writes:

<< That's the price I charge the customer for the full Monty, if the 
 customer furnishes a manifold for me to start with. >>

That might be a problem, Jack.  The whole time that I have been fooling 
around with this stuff, I have only come by one long manifold, which is on the 
now.  I will look around.  Bill.>>

Jack's spindles are on the car, and a few other things.  What a terrible 

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