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To: <>
Subject: [Fot] Nomination
From: "Henry Frye" <>
Date: Tue, 9 Sep 2008 11:22:15 -0400
I would like to nominate Tim Hutchisen for membership to the FOT. Tim
was at Watkins Glen crewing for me this past weekend, many of you met
him. I have never had a dedicated crew person at the track to help me, I
could get used to this in a hurry!

Tim has been deep into the Triumph scene for years, daily drives a GT6,
last month drove his TR6 1600 miles from Maine to Price Edward Island
and back, and has the required garage full of projects. (last I knew
there is a Spit, a TR3 and a TR7) Tim maintains many of the LBC's in his
area as well.

He gets his Triumphs on an autocross course whenever possible, and
wheels around quite well.

We set the hook deep this weekend, we have not seen the last of Tim at
the races.

Do I hear a second?

Henry Frye
#04 TR4

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