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[Fot] Road America - Looking for a drive

To: Friends of Triumph <>
Subject: [Fot] Road America - Looking for a drive
From: Greg - Lunker Hilyer <>
Date: Mon, 15 Sep 2008 21:43:25 -0600
Still in Minnesota. Dropped Connie off at the Minneapolis airport at  
1:00pm today as she needed to be home faster than I could drive.  
Delighted she could stay long enough for this weekends race, but  
someone has to get home to make some $$. I cut todays drive a bit  
short to get on the [this] list and make other contacts. To close to  
Elkhart Lake to not give a last ditch effort.
Current problems of a leaking [spewing] oil cooler, temperamental  
starter [relatively easy fixes]  and the BIG VIBE make Road America  
unlikely. But I'm not ready to call it quits yet.
Here's the deal [offer]....
The entry fee for Road America is going to keep me from going it  
alone. If  I can get a [well?] educated guess on my problem, I'm game  
to give it a try with a co-entrant. The [1 hour] enduro sounds like  
fun. My car is not high-power at it's best, and not complimented by  
high speed tracks, but enduros can be different. I don't say quit  
easy. Anyone with good race experience want to make a group effort?  
If we're going to run my car, I would ask for one half of the  
expenses - entry fee, gas, tires, etc. That's assuming we can get a  
handle on the vibration issue. Please understand that mine is a truly  
low budget car that many might consider crude and scary - just "where  
I live" to me. Those over about 5'11" need not apply - the rest can  
probably be accommodated.
The [to me] better alternative is to drive YOUR car. Same applies -  
I'll cover 1/2 entry fee, gas, tires, etc. I'm packing a full  
compliment of tools, spares [doesn't have to be a TR but I've got  
lots, including a TR4 that could be considered a parts car at a  
moments notice], 3 sets of race tires, $150 of race fuel and the best  
pit dog [not pit Bull] to be had. Spotless race license [plan to keep  
it that way] and references upon request for the car, the dog and  
even myself.
I've got about 14 hrs. to make up my mind before it requires a U-turn  
[not that it makes a difference] before I hit the point of no return  
[maybe Denver or northern New Mexico].

Greg "Lunker Hilyer
TR4 #314
Albuquerque NM


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