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Re: [Fot] Road America - Looking for a drive

To: "Greg - Lunker Hilyer" <>,
Subject: Re: [Fot] Road America - Looking for a drive
From: "Henry Frye" <>
Date: Tue, 16 Sep 2008 09:12:39 -0400

I hope somebody comes up with a weekend saving offer for you! I always
wanted to make VSCDA's Fall Festival at Road America, hopefully some
day. Having paddocked next to you at the Glen I can happily endorse
Barley as the best dog in the paddock. 

I would not dismiss the brake drums causing the vibration too quickly,
especially since you had to have them machined to open up the center
hole. That operation could have easily thrown them off balance.

My very high speed vibration was caused by the gearbox tailhousing bolts
working loose. I have since added snugging up those 6 bolts to my
between race weekend checklist and have been fine ever since. The
vibration did cause me to retire that gearbox case and rebuild into a
new one, but I felt the vibration at every track I ran. 

Henry Frye
#04 TR4 

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> From: Greg - Lunker Hilyer
> Subject: [Fot] Road America - Looking for a drive
> Here's the deal [offer]....
> The entry fee for Road America is going to keep me from going 
> it alone. If  I can get a [well?] educated guess on my 
> problem, I'm game to give it a try with a co-entrant. The [1 
> hour] enduro sounds like fun. My car is not high-power at 
> it's best, and not complimented by high speed tracks, but 
> enduros can be different. I don't say quit easy. Anyone with 
> good race experience want to make a group effort?  
> If we're going to run my car, I would ask for one half of the 
> expenses - entry fee, gas, tires, etc. That's assuming we can 
> get a handle on the vibration issue. Please understand that 
> mine is a truly low budget car that many might consider crude 
> and scary - just "where I live" to me. Those over about 5'11" 
> need not apply - the rest can probably be accommodated.
> The [to me] better alternative is to drive YOUR car. Same 
> applies - I'll cover 1/2 entry fee, gas, tires, etc. I'm 
> packing a full compliment of tools, spares [doesn't have to 
> be a TR but I've got lots, including a TR4 that could be 
> considered a parts car at a moments notice], 3 sets of race 
> tires, $150 of race fuel and the best pit dog [not pit Bull] 
> to be had. Spotless race license [plan to keep it that way] 
> and references upon request for the car, the dog and even myself.
> I've got about 14 hrs. to make up my mind before it requires 
> a U-turn [not that it makes a difference] before I hit the 
> point of no return [maybe Denver or northern New Mexico].

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