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Re: [Fot] Nomination for FoT membership

Subject: Re: [Fot] Nomination for FoT membership
From: Tony Drews <>
Date: Mon, 22 Sep 2008 06:47:01 -0500
I definitely second!  You'll need to include his e-mail address for 
MJB to pluck the magic thwanger, tho.

- Tony

At 12:20 AM 9/22/2008, wrote:
>I'd like to nominate our most recent recipient of the Kastner Cup, 
>Tony Garmey, to our membership. A gifted mechanic, fabricator, crew 
>chief, and as displayed at Watkins Glen a few weeks back, very 
>skilled driver. Tony is a valuable asset to our hobby of Vintage Racing.
>Do I have a second??
>John James
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