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Date: Wed, 24 Sep 2008 12:28:40 -0500

It was VTR.  When I talked to the officer about joining they were more than
happy to take my membership dues... when I asked about what VTR did all I
heard about was the National Convention and Concourses/shows.  Maybe I had
selective hearing, but I wanted to hear about driving events (rallies, etc).

So I joined just a local chapter (affiliated with VTR of course) and derive
enough benefits from that membership.

I'm also a member of NASS and there was an attempt to get NASS affiliated
with VTR.   VTR never gave a compelling reason for the association... just
seemed to be kind of a "hey, I'm a Triumph club and *you're* a Triumph club,
lets get together".  The attempt failed as VTR never agreed to pay NASS for
the privelage of being allowed to be assocatied with NASS.  Or something
like that. ;)

I look forward to details on what exactly a "Special Chapter" or "Affiliate"
of VTR entails.


76 DM autocrosser
and too many other projects.

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Are you sure it was the VTR and not the TRA? VTR opened their doors to all
Triumphs (and Standards) in 1982. I joined in 1986, and also belong to the
Detroit Club and SCCA. When I first returned to the States with my Spit in
1977, I inquired about the VTR, but at that time it was only for cars over
10 years old. Joined Detroit Triumphs and have been a member ever since.

TRA has always been for side curtain cars and only relatively recently
condescended to allowing TR4s. I don't think that even now they recognize
anything newer. ;)


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