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[Fot] Bedding Brakes, dangerous driving

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Subject: [Fot] Bedding Brakes, dangerous driving
From: Steven Belfer <>
Date: Thu, 25 Sep 2008 16:23:32 -0700
Speaking of dangerous driving situations,  two weekends ago I raced at  
Buttonwillow in my TR3.  I had new brakes that needed bedding.  This  
meant I needed to heat up my brakes in the first practice session, let  
them cool so I could have good braking power for the rest of the  
weekend.  I was in the first group so at 8:30am, I told the proper  
official-type guys what I needed to do and started in the back.  I'm  
also running a fresh engine and feeling that out as well.  Anyway,  
after about 3 or 4 laps I'm just about done bedding the brakes and I'm  
about to get lapped.  This is the first "Warm-up" session of the  
weekend.  A red 2002 is approaching me and I waved him to the left and  
moved to the right a little bit, while staying pretty close to the  
line.  Next thing I know the guy is passing me on the right ON THE  
DIRT at full speed. He re-entered the track, got a little squirrelly,  
threw some rocks onto my car and kept going.  This guy was racing hard  
with a yellow P1800 and not letting up one bit.  He didn't want to  
sacrifice his lap time when overtaking me.  The level of aggression  
took me by surprise and made me angry.  It was, after all the morning  
warm-up and I truly did my best to get my job done safely and get off  
the race track.   I tell my friends and family, when they ask if it's  
dangerous, "You see, it's a gentlemen's sport and there's no prize  
money."  I would say that most of the drivers are safe and respectful  
of their machines and their abilities but all it takes is one  
douchebag move and you're in big trouble.


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