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Re: [Fot] SVRA allows 5 speed transmission conversion!

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Subject: Re: [Fot] SVRA allows 5 speed transmission conversion!
From: Andre Rousseau <>
Date: Wed, 11 Feb 2009 06:51:08 -0500
POV from the non-racer/wannabe racer.
I put a Ford T9 5 speed into the GT6 in 2006.

I love it, no regrets. Did it take away from the GT6? No. Did it add valve.
Depends on your stance on modifications.
I did my swap based on knowing I wanted an OD/5th gear and after reading
several sites, the 5 Speed option was not much more then a whole new 4spd
and OD. Plus in 10 yrs I'll be able to service it easier. Finding an OD kit
might be tough.

Back to the vintage racing. I wonder if this will lead down a slippery

IE, if you have a good car which your pretty competitive with. You maybe be
forced to keep up with the "Jones."

Yes I know some people don't mind putting the money down and rightfully so
that 5 speed boxes are much more capable of dealing with the power and
conditions of a racer...
Good bang for the buck it you will...

BUT... The divide between the vintage racer and "super" vintage racer grows
further and further...

And you know what comes next eh...

Ok, new more robust gear box. MORE POWER. Hmm why do I keep having drive
line failures. Subrau diff?

That's my early morning take.

I will have too see what the VARAC guys come back with.


Andre Rousseau -
'68 Triumph GT6 MK1 -
Ottawa, ON, Canada
Support Team.Net

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