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Re: [Fot] who worked on their cars this weekend and what did you do?

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Subject: Re: [Fot] who worked on their cars this weekend and what did you do?
From: "John Macartney" <>
Date: Mon, 23 Mar 2009 08:50:47 -0000
My Triumphs are now gone to loving new homes as I couldn't drive them after my 
stroke. They were 
both too heavy and as my brain was a bit scrambled as well in the early 
aftermath days, working on 
them also wasn't possible on the grounds of my own and others safety. But 
getting rid of them didn't 
mean I didn't go without a fun car. This weekend saw me getting it out of the 
garage after its 
winter layover. We had a wash and polish, and then went for a gentle warm-up 
drive with the top down 
of about 20 miles around the lanes, admiring the blossoms in an early UK 
spring.. No, its not a 
Triumph - but the fun factor is there by the truckload. Three cyl 660cc engine, 
twin cam, 12 valve, 
turbo-charged, five speed and discs all round (with a servo) - and lots of 
other goodies. Daren't 
drive it at more than 90mph as the speedo isn't round and I'll bend the needle 
at 95. Suffice it to 
say, that even at that road speed, the car is still accelerating. Yes, its 
Japanese but only 25000 
were made in total and only 1100 imported into the UK. Its already a classic 
and prices are still 
holding firm. I love it.

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