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RE: A deal that may be too good to be true

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Subject: RE: A deal that may be too good to be true
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Date: Tue, 20 Sep 2005 14:21:13 -0700
Ebay cars are not all bad, but one does have to be careful and use all of
the information that is available to them.  Everyone who is interested in
buying a BJ8 off eBay should be aware that the BJ8 registry is aggressively
attempting to identify all of the BJ8s left in the world, and to document
some specific details of each car and to track its ownership history.  This
has proved to be a valuable resource in the past, more than once.

There are 5,934 individual cars worldwide now included in the registry
(33.5% of total production).  While a complete ownership record is not
available for all of them, of course, there is a lot of information in the
registry.  Contact me to see if I have any record of the car, such as the
one that was totaled in a rear-end collision, then appeared like new on eBay
about a year later, or the one that sold (legitimately) two years ago in
Missouri, and then last year in Boston, yet is now for sale at a great
price, including shipping, in France where it has been a treasured member of
the family for 40 years.

Happy Healeying!
Steve Byers
BJ8 Registry
Havelock, NC

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Subject: A deal that may be too good to be true

A week or 10 days ago there was an Austin-Healy BJ8 (I think)  at auction. I
think it was black with a red interior. From the description and photos, the
car was in very good condition. Now here is the good part. The lady wanted
to sell the car to the person of her choice for a fixed price of $18,500.00.
I sent her an e-mail to say I was interested. The next day the auction had
been pulled. I thought I had missed out.

Today I got an e-mail from her today asking if I was ready to discuss the
purchase. Even better, the $18500.00 included shipping anywhere in the US.
She is willing (she says this is an eBay function but I can't find it) to
have eBay hold a 25% deposit until the car is delivered, then I can accept
the car or send it back.

Usually, if something sounds too good to be true, it is.

Any comments?

Ned Smith

Creek Hill Vineyard

near Chattanooga, TN

N34.98 W85.5

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