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Re: [Healeys] Towing advice

To: Peter Ryner <pryner@verizon.net>
Subject: Re: [Healeys] Towing advice
From: I Erbs <eyera3000@gmail.com>
Date: Sat, 9 Jul 2011 09:01:05 -0700
I just recently towed my car back and forth to Rendezvous with the front of
the car held in place with a tow rope hooked through the tow eyes on the car
and the trailer. I then wrapped straps around the frame in front of the
differential and ratcheted down to the deck. Also had E brake engaged. car
towed well and there was some up/down movement of the suspension. I have
also used wheel wraps up front and read straps as described above with no

On Sat, Jul 9, 2011 at 7:25 AM, Peter Ryner <pryner@verizon.net> wrote:

> My thoughts exactly.  How can the shocks heat up if they are not moving?
> I've towed LBCs all over the country and found that if I just hold the car
> down by the axles the body tends to bounce and the car will move on the
> trailer.  On a long trip like over 1000 miles, the movement can be
> significant.  That said, my old cars didn't have tie down hooks so I
> couldn't tie them down by the body.  The best solution I came up with was to
> tie the  axles down using four straps in an X.  If I had a very long
> distance to travel and had other items on the trailer such as spare engines,
> transmissions and the like where the car had little room to move around, I
> blocked the wheels on the sides with  2X4 pieces so the car wouldn't bounce
> sideways.  It never moved forward and backwards.  Works like a champ as long
> as you have a wood bed to attach the 2X4s.
> Just my experience.
> Pete
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>  Actually the opposite is true.
>> Herb Miller
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>> Ron--
>> Securing a car by the chassis, as opposed to by the wheels, A-arms or
>> axles
>> places the suspension under a constant load for the entire length of the
>> trip and can overheat the fluid in the shocks.
>> Best--Michael Oritt
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