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Re: fire bottles

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Subject: Re: fire bottles
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Date: Thu, 11 Mar 1999 22:09:51 -0500

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Message text written by "Gregory W. Gillette"

">But if you think aluminum is made of Unobtainium price stainless.

"the ol' man" just told me that 1/4" stainless is about $3 a foot.

"dig deep, brothers and sisters!  for the price of sanitary sanctimony is

you might get lucky at a surpluss distributer.  yeah, right.

would have better luck if you know someone in aero-space and. . .   well,
you know the scenario from there.


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Might try Boeing Surplus in the Seattle area. Or Metal Shorts in Seattle.

Bruce A. Whiting, Ph.D., Fiat Racer and Scrounger

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