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Re: Berkley production line

Subject: Re: Berkley production line
Date: Sun, 21 Mar 1999 17:58:34 EST
Thanks for the welcome.
I like Brit because I am one. I live in the Uk, land of salt flats and deserts
However, I was one of the lucky few who were involved in the Thrust SSC land
speed record project, and I want to say hi to all those who came and visited
us on the Blackrock Desert in 1997.
Some of our visitors brought their machinery over for us to look at, thanks to
the Phoenix truck team, and Jack Costella. And the Gold Coast Roadsters for a
splendid meal in a sandstorm.
My most memorable moment, apart from the records, was the day when Art Arfons,
Craig Breedlove, Richard Noble and Andy Green were all together - All 600mph+
drivers. I'm sure Gary's spirit was there as well.
There is a thriving community of speed nuts over here, and a lot of activity
on LSR vehicles.
Currently there are projects already built and under test for Motorcycle and
More info can be got from The Speed Record Club at club
They do a neat newsletter rounding up whats happening around the world in
speed on land, water and air.
They would love to hear more about whats happening out on the deserts, its
very difficult getting the latest news here. 
In a message dated 18/03/99 22:53:54 GMT Standard Time, writes:

<< Welcome to the list.. we aren't big or fancy.... just out there in left
 field... Kinda like Bonneville... Your welcome to post anything you wish to
 the list.... If your interested in Bonneville... and it interests you...
 hell send it on... we are really just getting started... 
 I am thinking for those of you that are long term racers.. this will be a
 neat place to update weather and so on before the Meets.... I am also
 hoping to learn some things from you folks to continue my follies in the
 world of LSR....
 I see your a bit of a brit buff.. that would be two of us I am afraid.....
 Take care and welcome once again... 
 Keith Turk 
 Austin Healey 100, Bugeye, Box sprites, Bonneville Camero ( Land Speed
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 > Subject: Re: Berkley production line
 > Date: Thursday, March 18, 1999 4:23 PM
 > Berkley made a neat convertible with a front end looking a bit like a
 blunt E
 > type Jag.
 > It was available as a three wheeler (two at the front, one at the rear),
 > four wheeler. Both front wheel drive.
 > Most three wheelers were powered by a 350cc Villiers "Excelsior" two
 > engine with no reverse gears.
 > This meant that they could be driven on a UK motorcycle permit. Many
 > (including me) swapped in Honda 750 four engines.
 > The majority of four wheelers used the Austin Mini 850 engine. Again
 > were usually swapped for Cooper S, or Austin (BMC) 1200 engines.
 > I wonder if the new breed of Jap superbike engines will fit the three
 > wheeler...........

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