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Subject: Re: LUG NUTS
Date: Tue, 15 Mar 2005 00:00:26 -0600
Steve...try  The 1" lug nuts are available in course or
fine thread for your 1/2" studs.  Any speed shop for oval track racers will
have them.  Jerry in Dallas.

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  Subject: LUG NUTS

       I need some help!Finally getting my roadster ready for its first
  driving test.The question I have is about the lug nuts.The rule book states
  that they must be one inch,for all classes over 200 mph.I'm using
  centerline wheels with 1/2 inch studs with 13/16 lug nut ,open ended,with
  washer.Are these ok,or do I still need the one inch lug nuts?Is there
  someone who makes these or do I have to go to the large 5/8 studs?

  Steve Meierdiercks
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