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Re: SU vs Weber

Subject: Re: SU vs Weber
From: (Jay Tilton)
Date: Wed, 10 May 1995 08:33:27 +0600 (MR JOHN H TWIST) writes:

>It is my
>experience that the charts provided with the colourtune tool demand a BLUE
>flame, when, in fact, the MG idles best with an ORANGE flame.  I do not use
>the colourtune myself, and have experiemented with it only twice -- but
>those were my findings.  GO FOR THE RED!!  John Twist

Hmm.  Puzzling.

While I can't convincingly argue with the experience of a seasoned pro, and 
I'm not trying to start a "flame" war (Bwahahaha!  I kill me!), but that one 
seems rather counter-intuitive.  

Blue flame = complete combustion, i.e. stoichiometric or lean mixture.
Yellow flame = incomplete combustion, i.e. rich

So, with a yellow flame you're throwing too much fuel in.  The only time I 
can think that you'd want a rich mixture is during acceleration.  Sure, a 
rich idle mixture will probably idle smoothly, but I worry about plugs 
quickly fouling with carbon, not to mention wasted fuel.  Also, those 
subject to emissions testing will most likely fail due to high HC content if 
you don't dial in a lean mixture beforehand.

Probably what you really want would be a just-barely-out-of-the-yellow flame.

Just my $2.0E-2
Jay Tilton     | Hoka hey! | Hokie hi!

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