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Re: SU vs Weber

Subject: Re: SU vs Weber
From: (Will Zehring)
Date: Wed, 10 May 1995 10:50:00 +0500
Fellow fiends:

recent list quotes:

>the MG idles best with an ORANGE flame.  


>  The only time I 
>can think that you'd want a rich mixture is during acceleration.  Sure, a 
>rich idle mixture will probably idle smoothly, but I worry about plugs 
>quickly fouling with carbon, not to mention wasted fuel.  

I was talking with members of my local car guy support group regarding the 
colortune and the rather high idle I have my car set at (approx. 1100 rpm).  
The general consensus here too is that the color tune is not really spot on 
for mixture settings on the B.  It will bring you close, but probably no 
cigar.  I trust to inspect spark plugs after reletively long bouts (30 miles 
of highway, for instance) of driving and "flat by flat" come around to the 
"right" setting.  I'm at a nice dark brown now with champion N9Ys.

Regarding idle settings: does it matter *that* much?  My car is at idle 
about 1% of the time.  I don't worry too much about how its running at idle. 
 I want it to run well under acceleration and at cruise at reletively high 
rpm (4000 rpm; saddly, no overdrive).  

Or am I crazy?

Will "Don't answer that!" Zehring

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