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Re: SU vs Weber

To: Jay Tilton <>
Subject: Re: SU vs Weber
From: Joanne Hershfield / Jim Fink <>
Date: Wed, 10 May 1995 20:35:20 -0400 (EDT)

> Probably what you really want would be a just-barely-out-of-the-yellow flame.
well, from my few tweeks on a colortune, i went by the charts on both my 
MGB's, one a "new" car and engine and one a very NOT NEW engine.... both 
with dual SU's although each has a different type of Su, AND

per the blue flame, and a slight yellow I drove around and drove around, 
both well balanced at least, but fart fart spit spit,  Checked the plugs, 
very lean...... so I went for the rich adjust up, and Up and up, evenly 
to both sides...... welll it took a  lot of turns, but they both started 
to run much better at idle and running, so turned and drove till plugs 
looked perfect.... 

Cross checked with the COLRTUNE.... pretty orange at idle.... now the 
older car, could be other probs, but the '71, rebuilt everything, 
includuing throttle gaskets, new engine etc......same 
story, they run great now though... so, colortune got me balanced, then an 
even tweek to both carbs brought things in line.... I as others have 
suggested... default to plug color.... and I don't idle long enough to 
foul anything.....

EH.... Safety Fast  ... EH...EH..

Jim Fink

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